My Inspiration

Again. I had such large goals for my wedding, however I did not have enough help to make them come true. Here was my inspiration for my wedding day.

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Floral & Decor

My dream wedding consisted of hundreds of florals. I am obsessed. However since we had a strict budget and did everything ourselves it had to be quite downplayed.

As I mentioned prior, we purchased all of our extra florals through the farmers market and arranged them ourselves, it included an arrangement of snapdragons for the ceremony, an arrangement of sunflowers for the bar, as well as centre pieces, and arrangements for our dessert, and appetizer tables. With great regret I could not find any photos of these unless you can see them through busy photos. However some look a lot like the photos from my inspiration if you check out that post.

As for decor, I made our own seating chart, signs, bar menu, with tons of candles and spray painted dollar store finds. The candles helped as during my speech the power went out for a couple of minutes and it created a beautiful atmosphere.




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Homemade Wood Sign Tutorial

Homemade Wood Sign Tutorial -


Ever browsed on Pinterest and saw beautiful signs you only thought you had to purchase or hire a calligrapher?
Below is my step by step so you can make beautiful homemade signs like the pros!

You will need:

  • Slab of wood
  • Printer and Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Chalk
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Paint


Step 1:

Find your wood, and find your font.

Step 2:

Print out typed words in selected size, proceed to cut out and place on wood.

Homemade Wood Signs -

Step 3:

Determine alignment and use a small piece of tape so it does not move on you.

Proceed to cover back of letters with chalk (any colour suits).

Homemade Wood Signs -

Step 4:

Trace lettering by pressing firmly with a pen or pencil or basically any hard point.

This will transfer the chalk to the board.

Homemade Wood Signs -

Step 5:

Continue to do so until you end up like this. Or you could fill it in completely (if you use a chalk board and just want the chalk) I chose to outline because these letters were fairly large.

Homemade Wood Signs -

Step 6: 

Proceed to paint!

Homemade Wood Signs -

Homemade Wood Signs - Ebyhomestead.comHomemade Wood Signs -

And there you go!

Your finished product!

I added some eye hooks to this board and hung it above the dessert table for my September 10th wedding.

Photos coming soon!

Homemade Wood Signs -

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