Floral & Decor

My dream wedding consisted of hundreds of florals. I am obsessed. However since we had a strict budget and did everything ourselves it had to be quite downplayed.

As I mentioned prior, we purchased all of our extra florals through the farmers market and arranged them ourselves, it included an arrangement of snapdragons for the ceremony, an arrangement of sunflowers for the bar, as well as centre pieces, and arrangements for our dessert, and appetizer tables. With great regret I could not find any photos of these unless you can see them through busy photos. However some look a lot like the photos from my inspiration if you check out that post.

As for decor, I made our own seating chart, signs, bar menu, with tons of candles and spray painted dollar store finds. The candles helped as during my speech the power went out for a couple of minutes and it created a beautiful atmosphere.




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The Work

Our wedding was nothing but hard work.

Once we convinced Jordy’s parents to allow us to use the family farm to get married we immediately had to turn this run down barn into something that would look nice and be safe for our guests.

The farm used to be an old dairy farm run by Jordy’s late grandfather who passed away when his father was a young man. This turned things around and the livestock was sold and the farm sat for years.

There were three barns on the property. Two had to be taken down because they were unsafe. We decided to use the long barn or turkey barn as it used to be for our tent as it already had a concrete foundation. Not in the best shape I might add but with a few patches it worked very well.

We removed a old barbed wire fence, cut down bush, mulched around the long barn where after it was demolished left us with dirt, and spruce up the barn. We did a lot ourselves, we built the arbour, built the bar, patched the concrete, made up new Ebydale Farm’s signs, created signs, planted sunflowers, and built two head harvest tables practically the day before the wedding.

We never had the intention to get married in the barn. In fact we planned to get married down by the pond even on the Wedding Day. However due to extreme wind and rain the morning of the wedding the boys had to quickly transform the barn into our ceremony while myself and the bridesmaids got ready. We lost a couple of dishes, and lights in the process. The morning of was honestly one big shit show. Nobody had any idea what was going on and decisions were being made on the spot in order for this to run smoothly. We also had a family emergency two days before the wedding which made us question if we should postpone the wedding. But it followed through smoothly. Our guests had no idea.

I was set on doing everything myself. I wanted this wedding to be frugal and yet beautiful. We purchased all of our flowers other than the floral crowns, boutonnieres and bouquets from the farmers market and arranged them ourselves. (I SO WISH WE HAD PHOTOS OF THEM!). I made a loaf of bread for each table, I think I must of made like 20 loaves… We made our own beverages, wedding signs, decor, seating chart, invitations, wine labels, literally everything. Let’s just say it was a stressful summer that just flew by.

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