New Year, New Plans, New Thoughts

With the coming of the new year, I have new goals, plans and thoughts.

I am most excited for Spring (this never changes), when I can get my hands in the dirt and start working on my garden.

But first, let’s reminisce on my most stressful year yet…

OUR 2018:

This circa 1920 garage to the right was demolished.
And lost access to our backyard for the winter.
After the snow melt our backyard was a disaster… and with 2 dogs and a soon to be moving baby a fresh grade and new sod were needed! It was one big mud pit.. And with a crawling baby and muddy dog paws all over the house, I just about lost my mind. Thankfully the dogs followed our little path.
Just seeing this photo again is a stress reliever!
Minus the pile of concrete forms in the garage.
Our grass was almost 100 years old and was full of crab grass and dandelion weeds. Now we (I..) have a fresh slate to tackle the weed management!
We (I…) landscaped our backyard backwards… First came the cedar trees, then the lilac tree, then the variegated willow, then fence, then grade and sod… Which made the next project more difficult..
Painting the fence a dark charcoal with everything in full bloom!
Also updated these handed down patio chairs with a fresh coat of black paint!
And now the focus is back on the garage.
New tandem garage is framed!

I had high aspirations for 2018 and ran out of time for most of them. But looking back we sure got a lot done, and with a one year old on the loose!


With most of the chaos of last year pushed out of the way, however there is still a lot of work to be done and projects to be fixed up. I hope to tackle a lot more smaller things, (are they smaller…?)

We’ll see how I do, (in no particular order)

  1. Finish painting fence
  2. Add a Vegetable Garden
  3. Design and Build Deck
  4. Finish Garage
  5. Potting Table inside Garage (Potting Table trumps Mancave??)
  6. Redo Firepit
  7. Amp up my Landscaping under the Evergreens
  8. Backyard Gate
  9. Exterior Shutters
  10. Window Boxes on home and garage

Wish me luck!

Even I wish myself luck…