Bathing in Pregnancy



With everything currently happening in your body while you are pregnant it is every woman’s dream to sit in a nice warm bath and relax. Little to know that relaxing in a hot bath or hot tub is detrimental to your developing fetus, especially during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Being in a hot bath, jacuzzi, or hot tub rapidly increases your core body temperature. Your developing fetus is more sensitive to heat than you are and can reach hyperthermia quicker which will then lead to damage of the cells, placenta, vascular system and the developing fetus’s heat induced heat shock response leading to birth defects or a miscarriage.

Instead, have a warm bath with a temperature that does not exceed your core body temperature (around 98 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius).


Please note:

Limit bubble baths to (1-2 a week) and avoid baths longer than 1 hour, as it increases your susceptibility to vaginal infections.



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